Iowa RTL News-August 2013

– “…what critics derisively call ‘webcam abortions.'” The Des Moines Register registers its bias.
– Looking back: Iowa Board of Medicine gives Pro-Lifers 10-minute hearing.
– Webcam abortions: the story The Des Moines Register suppressed for two years.
– Questions The Des Moines Register will never ask Planned Parenthood about webcam abortions.
– The purpose of telemedicine.
– Happiness is being pro-life.
– Punching holes in Planned Parenthood’s myths about webcam abortions.
– Pro-life Briefs: Protestors, Poop and Pro-life Plates.

2023 Iowa Prayer Rally for Life!

Please join IRTL at the State Capitol on Monday, February 6th from 11-2, for the Iowa Prayer Rally for Life. Learn to lobby your legislators, access pro-life resources, and join together in unified prayer, all for the sake of innocent babies!