Education for Supporters

Resources for Educators & Supporters

You might have experiences that could help others during their challenges or journeys. Maybe you have no personal experience at all, but you have a passion to be that shoulder for others. Maybe you just have had a passion for the pro-life area laid on your heart and want to help. Whatever capacity your drive comes in, we appreciate you! One of the most important things we can provide to those in difficult or challenging situations, is simply listening and pointing in the right direction.

Juda Myers, who was conceived in a gang rape by 8 men, shares her pro-life message at the Iowa State Capitol.

“Thank you for posting this. I’d like to kindly ask not to be called a product. I was calling myself that until by divine revelation I realized I am not a product that can be thrown away but as human as anyone else. God makes us in his image without exceptions. Again thank you so very much for sharing this.” – Juda Myers. Source: YouTube



We are hoping to continuously grow this list of resources. Please email us your suggestions at [email protected] so that we can review and share with the rest of Iowa’s Pro-Life Community.