Resources & Support

Resources & Support

“I can’t have this baby! I can barely afford rent the way it is. There is no way that I can take time off of work, afford diapers and daycare. I can’t afford to keep this baby, I don’t have any other options”

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There are so many resources available, however there are so many families that don’t even know where to begin to look! Our hope is that this page will be a place where the pro-life community, and it’s supporters, can come together to create a directory of resources available in our communities!






There are over 2 million couples waiting to adopt ? and that includes children of all races and those with special needs.*

For information on an adoption agency in your area, contact:

National Council for Adoption: 703-299-6633 or online at:

Lutheran Family Service of Iowa | Adoption, Pregnancy and Counseling Services

*National Council for Adoption


Is there a particular resource you are looking for?

Send us a message and someone will get back with you to connect you to the right place.

Do you have a resource to share?

Email us your suggestions at [email protected]

For educators and support systems

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Whatever choice you make, or whatever situation you are in, Iowa Right to Life also wants you to have the emotional support you need. Check out our Emotional Recovery Support Page for some great resources!

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