Contact your Senator TODAY and tell them to support House File 573.

Several days ago, we broke the news that the Iowa House had passed the life-saving Ultrasound Bill, by a vote of 57-39.

It was immediately sent to the Iowa Senate. ?And in true Senator Gronstal fashion, the bill lies completely dormant in the Senate. ?

Statistics continue to prove that abortion-vulnerable women (and men), when given the opportunity to view her ultrasound image, choose life.

Earlier this week, following comments from Pro-Life Senator David Johnson, Senator Liz Mathis (Linn County) stood up and read from a prepared statement. ?She railed against “demeaning, traumatizing, unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds.”? One of the most confounding things was her inability to understand that prior to an abortion, women ARE already receiving these ultrasounds. (Oftentimes, by NON-medical staff, “Former Planned Parenthood Manager in Iowa Stirs a Nation.”) ?

This bill simply instructs the abortion industry to let women have the opportunity to view what, or rather who, they are looking at on the ultrasound image.

The exchange between Senator Johnson and Senator Mathis can be viewed?here. ?It begins at about minute 14 and concludes near the 30 minute mark.

PLEASE contact your Senator ASAP. ?Respectfully ask them to support the Ultrasound Bill and to let you know where they stand on the issue. ?Find your Senator here.

Let your Senator know NOW that the lives of our unborn children and their mothers far outweigh any other matter before the Legislature.?

Thank you so much.

Jenifer Bowen
Executive Director