Thursday, March 15: the Iowa House – Human Resources Committee, met on SF359. The first order of business was amending SF359 (Fetal Body parts), and adding Fetal Heartbeat language.
The amendment passed 12-9 with Michael Bergan (R-District 55) being the only Republican member voting against. The Human Resources Committee members are listed HERE.

Then debate on the amended SF359 with a call for a second vote.
SF359 passed 12-9 with Michael Bergan again voting against. Rule 61 was applied –

Rule 61 talks about the request for public hearing. It would be held in the House chamber and must be held within four legislative days of the request. This is similar to a sub-committee, but instead of 3 representatives all 100 would be allowed to participate. The main purpose of this type of hearing is to allow testimony that may sway votes.

The public hearing will happen sometime this week, most likely during the evening of March 20th or March 21st.

We will keep you updated on the Iowa Right to Life Facebook page and here on our website as this bill continues to work through the system.