It is unfortunate that today, the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Iowa is facing the latest injustice against the unborn.

Today the Fetal Heartbeat Law was ruled unconstitutional by Polk County Judge Michael Huppert. Make no mistake, today’s decision was based on an activist ruling by Iowa’s State Supreme Court. On June 29 last year, the Iowa Supreme Court claimed for itself the power to amend the Iowa Constitution without a vote of the people, and then it went way beyond even Roe v. Wade to concoct a “right” to abortion. Let?s be clear: that ruling is blatant judicial activism, and we will not stand by.

We all know that when an unborn child’s heart is beating, she’s clearly a living being. She’s a Baby. And her life deserves protection under the law.

No matter what, Iowa Right to Life and the Coalition of Pro-Life leaders will be there to stand up for the lives of innocent children until our state protects all life.