Tuesday, May 18 2010

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DES MOINES–MAY 17, 2010–Iowa Right to Life sounded the alarm back in September 2008 about Planned Parenthood?s deadly scheme in Iowa to be “first in the nation” to have walk-in abortions at all their locations, without a doctor on-site. IRTL was right. Planned Parenthood began rolling out dangerous RU-486 abortions (also known as “medication” or “chemical” abortions or “abortion pills”)that year, to its locations with a doctor consulting only by webcam and releasing RU-486 abortion pills by a remote-controlled drawer.

Now that the Iowa Board of Medicine is investigating the safety and legality of these webcam abortions, the Des Moines Register finally covered the story in a front page article on Sunday, May 16, 2010. The Register was scooped ? by over a year ? by the much smaller, Storm Lake Pilot Tribune, which reported in April 2009 that walk-in abortions would be coming to Storm Lake.

The tenacious Editor of the Pilot Tribune, Dana Larsen, did something the Des Moines Register has never done with Planned Parenthood ? he asked questions. Larsen asked Planned Parenthood: ?Are you or are you not using the ?abortion pill? at the Storm Lake clinic?? Planned Parenthood repeatedly refused to answer.

Jim Flansburg, then Director of Communication for Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa responded to Larsen that Iowa Right to Life was ?consistently, factually inaccurate,? and publishes ?ideology, not truth.?

As usual, it was PLANNED PARENTHOOD LYING to Iowans all along.

“We applaud the Storm Lake Pilot Tribune for taking their job to uncover the truth seriously and scooping the Des Moines Register by over a year? said Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life. ?Planned Parenthood owes Iowa Right to Life an apology.?

Larsen also noted that Planned Parenthood dodged his question on IRTL?s assertion that RU-486 was more profitable for Planned Parenthood and more dangerous for women.

It?s All About Access?in ANKENY?

Planned Parenthood has a history of keeping the Register on a short leash. The Register begins the current article: ?Small Planned Parenthood clinics around Iowa are using a remote-control pill dispensing system to make abortions available in areas where few doctors offer them.? And later on quotes Planned Parenthood abortionist Dr. Tom Ross, ?It?s all about access.?

Is that why they are offering RU-486 abortions at Planned Parenthood?s Ankeny location? The one across from Ankeny High School? Doctors 10 miles away in Des Moines are too few? Is that why Planned Parenthood?s Susan Knapp Center near Drake University in Des Moines has RU-486 abortions? Doctors across town are too far away?

Make no mistake. RU-486 is a money making venture and the Des Moines Register hasn?t even scratched the surface in the questions that should be asked. Planned Parenthood is not following the FDA?s protocol on RU-486. They are giving women a cheaper combination of the pills ? which makes it more dangerous for the women, and MORE PROFITABLE for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood which claims to support women is using women for profit.

RU-486 abortions are also more profitable for Planned Parenthood, because there is less mess in the office. The woman aborts at home?where she is forced to deal with the blood, the pain and the body of her expelled child—alone. RU-486 abortions are bloodier and more painful than surgical abortions.

Planned Parenthood also violates FDA protocol by using RU-486 on women 63 days (9 weeks!) into a pregnancy, while the FDA says not to use RU-486 past 49 days. By this time, the baby about to be aborted has facial features.

Tip to the Register: Here?s another question you might want to ask Planned Parenthood. Dr. Tom Ross is a Family Practice D.O. Shouldn?t one of Planned Parenthood?s ?safe and legal? abortionists at least be an OBGyn?

Abortions Rising Dramatically in Iowa

The Register article has a curious graph that reads: ?Abortion totals mostly steady?? Not true if you look at Planned Parenthood?s numbers.

In just six years, Planned Parenthood has increased its abortions in Iowa by almost 2,000 (2,898 in 2002 to 4,792 in 2008.) For the first time, in their fiscal year 2008, the number of RU-486 abortions at Planned Parenthood exceeded surgical abortions. (2,582 ?medication? RU-486 abortions vs. 2,210 surgical abortions.)

The ?steady? abortion totals the Register quotes from the Iowa Department of Public Health are not reliable, because IDPH?s data is incomplete. Abortion facilities in Iowa are mandated to report the number of abortions every 30 days. However, IRTL has asked the IDPH for the data and they don?t have it. The IDPH even admits in its Termination of Pregnancy report, ?not all terminations are reported in a timely enough fashion to be included in the report.? IRTL would love to see the Register do a story on that.

There is so much to be done! Here?s how you can help!


1. Contact Iowa Right to Life for flyers and warning letters to distribute to family members and friends.

These items can be requested by replying to this email or by calling the office at 515.244.1012. Want to help us continue to expose Planned Parenthood? Please visit http://iowartl.org/about-us/donate/ and make a donation!

2. If you are a Register subscriber, write to the Register and demand more accountability instead of Planned Parenthood press releases. Or let them know why you will no longer be a subscriber.

3. Join us in Cedar Rapids on May 20 for a peaceful protest against Cecile Richards, President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America who will be speaking at a fund-raising event there. Please contact IRTL for more information: 515.244.1012 or by email: [email protected]

4. Write to the Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune and thank Editor Dana Larsen for going after the truth and putting Iowans first.

For More Information on How RU-486 Works and Recent Deaths in the U.S: http://iowartl.org/get-the-facts/abortion/ru-486/

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