For Immediate Release
April 8, 2016
Contact:? Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life
515.244.1012 or877.595.9406

April 8, 2016-Des Moines, Iowa-Earlier this week, news broke that Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, based in Des Moines, had been caught illegally using taxpayer dollars on abortions in Nebraska.

From the Nebraska State Auditor Charlie Janssen’s?report, some of the illegal activity included:

“$1,260 in pathology expenditures related to what Planned Parenthood called “products of conception.” The phrase refers to placental or fetal tissue collected during an abortion.”

“Sue Thayer remains at the center of the $5.5 Billion fraud lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of the Heartland,” said Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life.? “Sue’s lawsuit highlights the fraud that is rampant in the wholly unregulated and unmonitored abortion industry in Iowa.”? To read the entire RELEASE and view upcoming events, CLICK HERE.