“Your life is in grave danger. We are immediately starting the necessary blood transfusion.”

Bowen, Jenifer 2014

Read our CEO’s special message for you:

My face must have been a blank stare.? Truthfully, it was all I could muster that

summer night in 2015.

Two units of blood and a day later I was sent home, still very sick.

?I found myself instantly grateful for the humble generosity of blood donors.? Never once had I even considered that I would be in need of such a gift.? I’m eternally grateful, in new ways, for the gift of life.
Why am I sharing this with you?? Because you are just like those anonymous blood donors that night.
They selflessly thought about the future and gave of their very lifeblood to see that it was available for someone in need.
That’s what you do every single time you donate to Iowa Right to Life.? You sacrificially give to those in need – supporting those too vulnerable to have a voice.
Our unborn children.
And because you have given – we have seen a 40% decrease in abortions in Iowa since 2007!? That’s historic!
Your generosity has helped Iowa see 16 fewer Planned Parenthoods since 2010.? Closed for good!
Just as my blood donors had – you gave to us, not knowing just how your contributions would save lives, but knowing that they would. would.

Right now – if I could – I would look you in the eyes and tell you this.

“Thank you so much for your impact.? Because of YOU, little Iowans have been given the chance to live!”?
It’d be my honor to have you partner with us.
Yes, a 40% decrease in abortions is a significant move in the right direction.? But, we still have a lot of work ahead to close the remaining 60% gap.
16 Iowa Planned Parenthoods closed for good is remarkable!!? There are still 12 scattered throughout Iowa, preying on vulnerable young women.
Your donation today will help us continue the fight for those who can fight for themselves and continue to grow Iowa’s future, one life at a time.
This is my story – I am not only indebted to the ones who gave up their blood for me – I am indebted to you, our faithful partner, willing to sacrifice to see even more unborn babies saved.
Thank you so much!
Until abortion is no more,
Jenifer Bowen
Iowa Right to Life
Donations made online are tax-deductible. ?If you prefer, donations can be mailed to our offices at 2024 NW 92nd Court, Suite 14, Des Moines, Iowa 50325.
Contributions mailed into Iowa Right to Life are not tax-deductible.? To make a tax-deductible contribution, please make your check payable to Iowa Right to Life Educational Fund.