BREAKING: ?Planned Parenthood of the Heartland abandons another clinic. ?The 13th one in the past few years to close their doors!!
For Immediate Release
May 21, 2015
Contact:? Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life
515.244.1012 or 877.595.9406
[email protected]

May 21, 2015–Des Moines, Iowa–A little over two years ago we broke the devastating news to you that Planned Parenthood had covertly moved into the same building as the Young Women’s Resource Center in Des Moines, Iowa. ?They billed themselves as “myHealth Express”, a place for the “treatment of colds and the flu.” ?You can find our original press release at the bottom of this email.
We knew at the time they had NO intention of treating anyone’s cold or flu. ?Rather, they wanted to get their hands on young girls, some as young as 10, and lure them into sexual activity. ?(Read more about their graphic agenda here.)
“We are so relieved to hear this! ?When we first sounded the alarm in 2013 regarding this dangerous location, we knew that we must share this truth as often as we could. ?The lives of our young girls were at stake,” stated Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life.
“We are grateful to learn that they will no longer house themselves in the same office building as the Young Women’s Resource Center. ?Yet we know our work is far from over. ?16 unborn babies in Iowa are still dying every single day at the hands of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, the largest abortion provider in our great State. ?While we are pleased to see another one close for good, there still remains 9 Planned Parenthoods here that perform abortions and 4 locations that are abortion referral offices. ?We will not relent to all human lives, born and unborn, are again fully protected.” concluded Bowen.