IRTL News November 2013

– Nobody Complained. Is Planned Parenthood hiding adverse events from webcam abortions from the public?
– Iowa Board of Medicine Ends Webcam Abortions Culver’s Board Ignored.
– Girls Gone Bad. . .the Scouts Link to Planned Parenthood and Other Awful Stuff.
– Post-abortive Women Least Likely to Complain to Iowa Board of Medicine.
– The Evolution of the “No Complaints”: from Bowden to Meadows
– All In The Family: The Des Moines Register’s History with Planned Parenthood in Iowa and Beyond.
– What You Need to Know About Medication Abortions. Depressed_Teen
– Life is Good: Have We Been Busy!
– Girls Younger than 15 Getting Abort-At-Home Medication Abortions in Iowa.
– You’re Teaching My Child WHAT??
– Has The Des Moines Register “Jumped the Shark” on Planned Parenthood and Webcam Abortions?