After several years of your participation in the Midwest March for Life to help enact changes made to legislation in our state, we finally have the chance to make it happen!

It is for that very reason we are cancelling the Midwest March for Life, planned for January 14, 2017.??

Iowa Right to Life is working very closely with other Pro-Life organizations in the state to build our case and all the support needed to finally get legislation passed. The next legislative session at the Capitol starts in early January.

Rest assured that every moment that would have gone into the planning of our annual event is now focused on SAVING unborn lives through the united effort with our new and returning legislators.

We will be replacing the January event with a vigil in the Capitol Rotunda on March 30, 2017. Our goal that day is to have 4,000 participants represent the lives lost to abortion in Iowa in 2015. ?We will be posting more details by the end of December on the Iowa Right to Life website.

We still need your help!

2017 marks 44 years of unyielding dedication to the Pro-Life cause, so please:

? Pay attention to notices posted on Pro-Life websites on Legislative News and heed the calls to action.
? Share the information – via social media, church groups or old-fashioned phone calls.
? Go national – Participation in the January National March for Life in Washington D.C. is important. Contact Iowans for Life to participate.
? Give if you can. ?This is our biggest opportunity to make an impact and your support matters.

Again, we appreciate your dedication to the Midwest March for Life, and we promise to make all of our joint efforts pay off as quickly as possible.

Scott Valencia
Jenifer Bowen
Iowa Right to Life