Iowa RTL News-May 2012

– Walter Hoye Wows at Prayer for Life
– Choose Life License Plates Come to Iowa
– Planned Parenthood Crows as Komen Funds Dive
– Polarizing Poll is Work of Planned Parenthood
– WDM Birth Control Clinic Near Middle School Closes
– Iowa Senate Block Pro-Life Appointee to Iowa Board of Medicine
– Sonogram Law Outrage: Planned Parenthood in Iowa Uses Vaginal Probe Criticized by Jill June
– What Do They Mean by Comprehensive Sex Education?
– How Many Abortions in Iowa Each Year?
– Thanks to Book Sale Contributors
– New Law Halts Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Pill in Wisconsin
– Biking for Babies: Young Bikers Ride on One Mother of a Mission
– Planned Parenthood Makes Estimated $2.4 Million a Year For Abortions in Iowa