IRTL News March April 2015? College Kids at Midwest March

– Next stop: Iowa Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood v. Iowa Board of Medicine
– Pro-Lifers March in Des Moines, Washington D.C.
– Stats Suggest Planned Parenthood Targeting College Women?in Iowa with Webcam Abortions
– “Friends” in Planned Parenthood’s Friend of the Court Brief against the IBOM
– Timeline of Iowa Board of Medicine Fight over Webcam Abortions
– Jackie, Oh! KCWI Anchor has a Bad Day
– Not Sue Whether to Laugh or Cry. . .So We’ll Laugh
– What the News Would Look Like if the Media Reported Other Issues Like the Abortion Issue
– Fun Facts About New Leader of Iowa Democrat Party, Including Hosting Planned Parenthood Fundraisers at Her Home.
– Midwest March For Life: On The March in Des Moines!
– Young and Pro-Life!? Pro-Life Essay Contest Winners.
– Iowa College Students Join the March for Life in Washington D.C.