Please contact your own Iowa House Representative and ask them to actively support and vote YES on the “Heartbeat” bill that is currently in the Iowa House. We need their support both in the committee process and voting for the bill if it gets to the House floor for an overall vote.

We can no longer tolerate the loss of so many innocent lives through abortion. The vote on the “Heartbeat” bill will be very close. Make sure they know that you support the “Heartbeat” bill…..and that you are asking them to support it as well.

You may contact them by email. However, because of the time urgency, a phone call may be more effective. You can call 515-281-3221 and ask to speak to your Representative (or leave a message for them). Here is an easy-to-use link to help find your Representative if you are not sure who it is:?

Some background information may be helpful if you are not already aware of the current status. Iowa Right to Life (IRL) and Coalition of Iowa Pro-Life Leaders (CoPLL) has worked very hard this legislative session to try and get a “Heartbeat” bill passed through the Iowa Legislature. The bill passed 30-20 on the floor of the Senate on February 28th. Now action is required by the Iowa House. Currently the bill has been assigned to the House Human Resource Committee, but the committee has not yet acted on the bill in any way. The House must pass it through the subcommittee and committee process no later than Thursday, March 15…..or the bill will die in the second legislative funnel. That’s why we are asking for your immediate action in contacting your House Representative.

The essence of the bill itself is fairly simple: Abortions would not be allowed in Iowa once a fetal heartbeat can be detected through a normal abdominal ultrasound process. Normally the heartbeat can be detected after about 6-8 weeks. The presence of the heartbeat proves the presence of an individual, living, unborn child…..and the life of that child must be protected!

Please contact your Iowa House Representative and ask them to support the “Heartbeat” bill!