As of this morning (3/30/18) SF359 (the amended fetal body parts, now ?heartbeat?) has not moved to, or been scheduled for floor debate. What has been done is that amendments have been submitted by two house representatives;

Rep. Wessel ? Kroeschell (D) of Story has introduced amendments H8295, H8296, and H8300. These would strike all language of Heartbeat, Fetal body parts, and 20week. Thus, returning the code to pre-20weeks.

Rep. Rizer (R) of Linn has introduced H8313. This would move away from ?Heartbeat? and move the language to duplicate Mississippi 15week language. The addition of H8313 muddied the waters slightly, and is not supported by the Pro-life Coalition of Iowa. We are down to approximately 8 working days of this legislative session. We are cutting this very close, but we still believe that we can get this to the Governor?s desk.

What you can do?

As today is Good Friday / Passover, and we are entering Easter weekend. Maybe it would be a good time to remind the House Representatives in your district that this weekend reminds us of time when Humanity was given a chance to redeem itself. They have been given the chance with this bill to show benevolence and compassion for those who need it most, the unborn.

Ask your supporters to reach out once again?for life.

Thank you all and Happy Easter.