The 11-year-old Iowan girl you see standing in the middle of the picture is my hero. She is the definition of the pro-life movement. She is not blinded by the abortion industry’s lies. She has a profound message to share with you.??NICHE 2014 11 year old Iowan

While working the Iowa Right to Life booth at NICHE 2014, this girl picked up one of our 12-week baby models and said to me, “Last year, at the Iowa State Fair, I got a 12-week baby model, and now, I keep it out on my dresser so that when my one friend that I know comes over to my house, she sees it. She doesn’t know that abortion is wrong. I kind of show it to her and say, “Isn’t it so cool we were once the size of a grain of salt and we were fully human?” …I hope that she’ll know how babies are really alive when they’re inside their mom’s womb!”

We asked her to repeat her message into our voice recorder, so we could share it with you. Listen to her 40-second testimony here.?

You see, without these 12-week baby models at the Iowa State Fair, this 11 year old could not have witnessed to her friend, and without your help, these baby models cannot be purchased.

Last year at our Iowa State Fair booth, we gave away 12,000 models! Here’s how that costs Iowa Right to Life around $12,000 to make happen: After purchasing the models, volunteers wrap each one with fabric and tie it with yarn. The cost of the models, fabric, and yarn makes each model about $1.

By making a pledge via the John Deere Classic and Birdies for Charity, you can help people of all ages educate on the value of life with these 12-week baby models. Your contribution towards these 12-week models has the power to change an abortion-minded mother, turn someone from pro-choice to pro-life, or more. The possibilities are limitless.

We never want money to be the reason why someone does not witness the pro-life message, and you know as well as we do that these 12-week baby models are our greatest education tool. They show the humanity of the unborn with intricate details.

Again, you can help the pro-life generation share the truth about abortion by pledging in three simple steps by June 30:

1. Print off our?Birdies for Charity pledge form.

2. Make a pledge.

3. Mail to Iowa Right to Life, 1500 Illinois Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50314.

Thank you again for your contribution, and I look forward to seeing you at our Iowa State Fair booth!

Kendra Burger, Marketing Coordinator, Iowa Right to Life