Des Moines, Iowa-June 4, 2015:? Late last night, life-saving mandatory ultrasound language passed both Iowa House and Senate chambers! ?It now heads to Governor Branstad’s desk for his signature.

While Democrat lawmakers this year refused to budge on the defunding of the abortion industry in Iowa, we were pleased to see them relent on this life-saving ultrasound language.? Each woman seeking an abortion will be offered the opportunity to view her baby’s image on the ultrasound.? She will also be “provided information regarding the options relative to a pregnancy, including continuing the pregnancy to term and retaining parental rights following the child’s birth, continuing the pregnancy to term and placing the child for adoption, and terminating the pregnancy.”

This language is very similar to the Ultrasound bill that passed out of the House a few months ago.? It acknowledges that research shows that ultrasounds save lives, and (like many other examples) codifies a standard of practice that will save the lives of children.

Statistics?continue to prove that abortion-vulnerable women (and men), when given the opportunity to view her ultrasound image, choose life, reducing abortions by 70% to 90%.

Those in the pro-choice camp will likely continue to rail against these “demeaning, traumatizing, unnecessary trans-vaginal ultrasounds.”? However, one of the most confounding things is their inability to understand or admit that prior to every abortion, women ARE already receiving these ultrasounds. Oftentimes, by NON-medical staff.? Learn more here: Former Planned Parenthood Manager in Iowa Stirs a Nation.

There are so many people to thank for making this happen in the Statehouse.? A few of the leaders in this victory are:

  • Representative Walt Rogers for re-introducing the bill this session
  • Representative Joel Fry for his leadership as the bill passed the House and then made its way into SF505
  • Representative Dave Heaton for his steadfast work as he led the budget Conference Committee
  • Representative Linda Miller, Senators David Johnson and Mark Segebart ~ thank you for your stand for life on the Conference Committee
  • To the Leadership in both the House and Senate ~ thank you so much for allowing it to remain in the bill and pass both Chambers.

We also thank every Representative and Senator, Democrat and Republican, who voted to pass this legislation.? We are extremely grateful.

For More Information:
Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director, Iowa Right to Life
515.244.1012 or 877.595.9406
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