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Legislative Update: SF 2025 Medication Abortion

Caucus Instructions: January 23, 1:00 pm

Sanctity of Human Life Flyer

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Legislative Update

SF 2025–Abortion Medication and Webcams

See the bill: ok&ga=83&menu=text&hbill=SF2025

This bill is being introduced to halt the practice of abortions by webcam in Iowa and require abortionists to comply with the Food and Drug Administration’s protocol on RU-486.

As if there were not enough risks in abortion already, abortionists in Iowa are putting women at even greater risk by ignoring FDA protocol for RU-486, euphemistically known as a “medication abortion” or the abortion pill. Iowa Right to Life has learned that Planned Parenthood is skirting FDA protocol by:

1)Prescribing RU-486 medication abortions via internet webcam, without a doctor present in person to examine the woman.

2)Prescribing RU-486 medication abortions for women who are 63 days into their pregnancy, which is way beyond the FDA’s limit of up to 49 days.

Planned Parenthood circumvents the FDA recomendation by using their own “off label” practices to prescribe the abortion drug for more developed unborn children than the drug was intended. A study conducted by the Boston Medical Center, Dr. Melissa Strafford, indicated complications to the pregnant woman increased when the drug was proscribed at 63 days.

In addition, the FDA set restrictions, which is different from giving abortionist a “recommendation.” A restriction is required, and yet the abortion industry in Iowa is ignoring these too. What should be followed is what the FDA put in place for the safety of women. This is not birth control pills, or medication to stop premature labor, as Planned Parenthood likes to compare it to as off lable use. Abortion medication is a strong drug that has serious complications that have taken women’s lives.

Planned Parenthood is increasing the number of RU-486/medication abortions because they are more profitable and less messy for Planned Parenthood. Overhead costs in staffing are greatly reduced for Planned Parenthood, because pregnant women take the first part of the RU-486/medication abortion cocktail at Planned Parenthood and then abort at home, where they are forced to deal with the blood, the trauma and the dead baby on their own.

SF 2025 would require the FDA restrictions to be enforced and would prevent the abortionist from using the webcam to do medication abortions. Planned Parenthood is clearly ignoring their responsibility to ensure women’s safety and instead strive to increase abortions in Iowa.

Read more about Planned Parenthood abuse of the FDA regulated abortion drug:

See bill: SF 2025:

ACTION: Contact your state legislator and ask him/her to support SF 2025 to protect women. Go to: to find your state legislator and e-mail or call for their support.

Caucus Instructions

Please plan to attend the caucus Saturday, January 23, at 1:00 at your precinct. Go to this link to read easy instructions to propose a pro-life resolution. Also, we want to encourage you to become a delegate. Both of these are easy to do and require little responsibility with great results.

Go to this link to download simple instructions:

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is January 24, 2010

Since the U.S. Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, America has aborted nearly 50,000,000 children. What most people don’t know is that those court decisions allow for abortion into the 9th month of pregnancy. Therefore, we encourage you to use this opportunity to remind the people at your church to pray for the end of abortion and for the changing of hearts to value all life. Feel free to download our flyer and reproduce.

Roe v. Wade Flyer


You’re Invited to Prayer For Life February 8, 2010

Be sure to join us at

Iowa State Capitol Building

Des Moines

2:30-4:30 PM

Big event co-sponsored by 9 pro-life, pro-family organizations.


Pro-Lifers from all over the state will be at the Capitol to encourage legislators of the value of human life and to learn how to lobby. The keynote speaker will be Father Tad Pacholczyk, Director of Education, at the National Catholic Bioethics Center and an expert on Stem Cell Research. There will also be a workshop earlier in the day starting at 10:00 AM at the Catholic Pastoral Center on 6th and Grand downtown Des Moines. For more details, please download flyer and share with others.

RSVP for the workshop by calling 515.237.5016 515.237.5016.

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