Iowa RTL News – January 2014

  • – Planned Parenthood Closes Four
  • – Ohio reports medication abortion complications
  • – Pro-Life pregnancy centers deliver
  • – Many more Planned Parenthoods doing abortions in Iowa than surrounding states
  • – Creston and Red Oak PPs downside on-site providers, whatever that means
  • – Planned Parenthood of the Heartland in Iowa – 17 locations left in Iowa
  • – The pregnancy center revolution in Iowa: one baby at a time
  • – Need some quality time with your family?
  • – Coincidence? ?Planned Parenthood moves in with YWRC
  • – Not sure whether to laugh or cry, so we’ll laugh…
  • – New Planned Parenthood cell phone app for kids tells girls under 12: “Having sex feels good”
  • – Gifts for Life: Honorariums and Memorials made to Iowa Right to Life
  • – Loving life: a look back at all the places we’ve been in 2013
2023 Iowa Prayer Rally for Life!

Please join IRTL at the State Capitol on Monday, February 6th from 11-2, for the Iowa Prayer Rally for Life. Learn to lobby your legislators, access pro-life resources, and join together in unified prayer, all for the sake of innocent babies!