Iowa RTL News-January 2011

– Prayer for Life to Feature Woman Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want You to Hear
– Dahl’s Removed from Planned Parenthood Boycott List? LeroyCarhart2
– The Year of the House Party
– Welcome to Iowa, LeRoy Carhart
– Can New Iowa Legislature Keep Carhart Out?
– Planned Parenthood’s Standards are Lower than LeRoy Carhart
– Third Trimester Abortions: Legal in Iowa
– Death of an Icon: Dr. Mildred Jefferson: 1926-2010
– What a Year We’ve Had!: A Look Back at 2010
– Life Calendar: Jump Into the New Year
– Make a 2011 Pledge to Get Involved
– Children’s Movies Are Targets of Condom Campaign
– Planned Parenthood Adds Abortions at Two Locations