mary-merrittDes Moines, Iowa-March 8, 2014-“Recognizing the mounting dangers in our country, not just to our pre-born children, but for our elderly and infirm, Iowa Right to Life remains unwaveringly relentless and tireless in our defense of those who have no voice or may have a weakening voice,” stated Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life. “For that reason, we sought out a person who was passionate in their pursuit of exposing the present realities of creeping stealth euthanasia, assisted suicide and more.”

Not surprisingly, we found the right person already in our midst!? Mary Merritt, a retired special needs teacher, holds a Masters degree in education and has been a Special Olympics coach for her students.? She is a board member of Iowa Right to Life and a member of our executive committee, as well as a local chapter leader for Raccoon Valley Right to Life.? She is married to her best friend, and they, along with their children have been involved for decades with work overseas.? She is blessed with 7 grandchildren.

“As well as serving as our Director of End of Life Issues, we are pleased that Mary will join our newly formed Speakers Bureau.? She is more than willing to share in public and private venues on: ?’A Living Will or a Will to Live?’, ‘End of Life Issues Overview’ and ‘Starting a New Iowa Right to Life Chapter'”, concluded Bowen.

For more information on these exciting developments, please contact Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director at Iowa Right to Life at:??515.244.1012?or via email at [email protected].