As you know, we will again have a presence at the Iowa State Fair!? With the opportunity to reach up to 1,000,000 Iowans in one place, we need your immediate help!

Like last year, we are planning to hand out at least 12,000 true-to-size twelve-week baby models (pictured.) ?These models are true-to-weight, true-to-size.? They have proven to go a long way in educating and motivating everyone who sees them by demonstrating the humanity of the unborn.? The impact on visitors to our booth last year was awesome to watch!

You can help!??

Each baby model costs approximately $1. Each dollar you give will make a huge and tangible difference in the life of one person at the Fair.

Can we count on you to respond today?? With the State Fair just around the corner, we really need your help!

Make a secure online donation here. ?If you prefer, donations can be mailed to our office at 1500 Illinois Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50314. ?For a tax-deductible donation, simply make your check out to the Iowa RTL Education Fund and note that it is for our State Fair booth. ?All online donations are tax-deductible.

Overheard at our State Fair Booth

“Give me everything you have on a baby’s size. ?My friend is 9 weeks pregnant and considering abortion. ?She can’t do that!”, from a man in his 20s.


“Oh my!? I am 12 weeks pregnant!? I had NO idea how developed my baby already is!”


“Abortion is MEAN!”, a 12 year-old boy when he asked what abortion was.


“I didn’t know as I handed out 12-week baby models that it would be my own grandchild who would be saved from abortion!”


“I went in to have an abortion and changed my mind. ?Meet my daughter!”

State Fair booth mom and baby

Make a life-saving donation.


You shop. ?Amazon gives to Iowa Right to Life.


Contact us at 877.595.9406 or via?email.