Planned Parenthood ILLEGALLY alters abortions in order to sell and profit off of baby parts.? When The Center for Medical Progress released full-footage and unedited undercover videos of Planned Parenthood doctors and top officials discussing the ability to alter abortions in order to sell and profit from baby body parts, it showed the grotesque reality of Planned Parenthood’s motives:? Profit.??PP quote from videos

Click HERE?to see the entire four-page Get the Facts publication and meet Planned Parenthood’s key players.

The links to the six already-released videos can be found here.


  1. As Planned Parenthood is the largest U.S. abortion provider, we must first address this on the national level.

Please thank Senator Grassley?for demanding answers from Planned Parenthood and ?U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Read his statement and letters here.

Contact Senator Joni Ernst, Congressmen Rod Blum?(1st District), Dave Loebsack (2nd District), David Young?and Steve King. ?Ask them to do everything in their power to see that Planned Parenthood is fully investigated and fully defunded.

  1. Please contact Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller by phone at 515.281.5164 or via email.? Request that he immediately open an investigation into Planned Parenthood of the Heartland.? They are an affiliate of the organization in question, Planned Parenthood Federation of America.? As the Iowa abortion industry is completely unregulated and with a gruesome Iowa medical director like Jill Meadows, we need to make certain this isn’t happening in Iowa.
  1. Contact your Iowa Representativeand Senator.?They need to hear from you NOW about the egregious behavior of the abortion industry and why they must be defunded on the state level too.

If you’ve not yet joined the 6,000+ that have signed our “Defund the Iowa Abortion Industry”, you can do so here.

  1. Contact your local Iowa TV stations. Why are they ignoring a national story of this magnitude?

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In conclusion, we know we are in engaged in a war to save all lives, born and unborn.? This is one giant battle in the ultimate war.???

Please stay engaged with us every step of the way.? We just can’t win this, and ensure that all lives are again protected, without you.??