Adoption Proclamation Nov 2012 004Iowa RTL News-December 2012

– It’s “Cloke and Mirrors” for Planned Parenthood manager in Red Oak
– The Mitt Momentum: Why he represented us well
– We love our Gov! Terry Branstad’s Pro-Life Proclamation
– Why Planned Parenthood should be defunded
– Not sure whether to laugh or cry… so we’ll laugh
– Who Neu, Basu?
– Mixed-up!
– No mammogram? No problem!
– Monkeying around with end-of-life care
– Is Dear Abby penned by Planned Parenthood?
-Iowa Initiative Feeds Planned Parenthood
– Top 10 better ways to spend Warren Buffet’s money in Iowa
– What a year it’s been: a pro-life review of 2012!
– Cecile Richard’s Utopia