Iowa RTL News-December 2011

– Mike Huckabee Premiers Gift of Life Movie in Des Moines
– Former PP Manager in Iowa Stirs a Nation
– PP of Heartland Gets $500,000 Tax Funding Increase for Fewer Clients
– Caucuses Jan. 3: What the Party Platforms Say About Life
– Planned Parenthood Recruiting Sex Offenders
– Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s Jill June’s Salary Increases 45 Percent in Two Years
– Planned Parenthood Employees: What We Have Learned From Abby Johnson and Sue Thayer
– We Need You: Resolve to Get Involved
– Dunkin’ Donuts Co-Owner in Iowa is Planned Parenthood Donor
– Pro-Life Wins: Counting Our Blessings from 2011
– JPII Stem Cell Institute’s New Patient Therapy Initiative