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Health Care Reform: Abortion Funding and Mandates Still on the Table

There is a battle going on in the Congress over Health Care reform and they, meaning the U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators are under heavy pressure to strike a deal and get it done before the summer recess in August. Our concern is a “deal” that would allow for funding and mandates in the bill.

There are millions of dollars at stake, and the abortion industry is working hard to get their hands on what they see as a gold mine of tax funding. Their goal includes mandating abortion as health care and having their mandates funded. The good news is that there are many leaders in congress with a conscience that want health care reform, but do not agree with mandating or funding abortion with taxpayer’s money.

However, (emphasis added) the pressure from President Obama and the Democrat leadership is mounting, as they want abortion as part of Health Care Reform. This is bad news since it comes down to heavy political pressures on each representative.

This is when your voice really counts. This is a perfect example of the saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil,” and we need every “squeak,” every pro-life voice to sound the alarm and call congress. Literally thousands of little lives, and the lives of the elderly are depending on us to take action to stop this evil.

I am not overstating my case. This is real and its happening very quickly.

The fact is, the Health Care Reform bill says nothing about abortion, which IS the problem. Language must be added to the bill to exclude all abortion mandates and abortion funding.

It is all in the language. Call the Congress now. If you have already called, please call again. The anti-life powers to be are working diligently to expand abortion and their profit margin on our dime. They are motivated and they are calling.

We need you to call and pass this on to your friends and family.

Note: It is critical that they do not split the difference on abortion mandates OR abortion subsidies in some compromise or “deal”. We want to make sure they exclude both abortion “mandates” and “funding.”

Please call both U.S. Senators and your U.S. Representative. If you do not know who your U.S. Representative is, click here:

Here is a helpful hint on what to say:

“Hi, my name is……………….. I’m calling about the “Health Care Reform bill that they are working on, and I would like to ask ………………… to make sure that the bill EXCLUDES all abortion–both funding AND mandates. I do not think it is right that my taxes should be used to pay for abortion. Will you please give him my message? Thank you.”


Call Both U.S. Senators:

U.S. Senate-Iowa

Charles Grassley (R)

Telephone: 202.224.3744


Tom Harkin (D)

Telephone: 202.224.3254

E-mail:[email protected]


U.S. House of Representatives-Iowa

Bruce Braley (D-01)

Telephone: 202.225.2911


David Loebsack (D-02)

Telephone: 202.225.6576


Leonard Boswell (D-03)

Telephone: 202.225.3806


Tom Latham (R-04)

Telephone: 202.225.5476 or Toll Free at 866.428.5642

E-mail: [email protected]

Steve King (R-05)

Telephone: 202.225.4426



For more information on Health Care Reform, click here:

NRLC Fact Sheet:

Kim Lehman

C 515.202.2517

[email protected]


Reid promises committee bill by recess

By: Alex Isenstadt

July 28, 2009 03:19 PM EST

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vowed today that the Senate Finance Committee would wrap up its work on the health care reform bill before the end of next week.

The Finance Committee has yet to finish its work on the bill, which will have to be merged with a bill that has already been passed in the Senate HELP Committee. The Finance Committee remains hung up on how to pay for the package, but the panel negotiators have been moving toward dropping the public option for insurance.

Reid today was vague on whet her he supported the public option, the most controversial and expensive aspect of President Barack Obama?s health care push. Opponents of the public option have suggested that a compromise take place that would remove the public plan from the package.

?What I think should be in the bill is something that I will vote for according to my conscience when we get this bill to the floor,? Reid told reporters today. ?But I have a responsibility to get a bill to the Senate floor that will get 60 votes that we can proceed toward.?

?That?s my number one responsibility,? Reid continued, ?and there are times I have to set aside my personal preferences for the good of the Senate and I think the country.?

Republicans, meanwhile, continued to blast away at the Democratic push.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Tuesday tweaked Democrats for their infighting on health care.

?So far, the only plans we’ve seen enjoy bipartisan opposition. In other words, there’s not a plan that I’ve seen that people can support on a bipartisan basis,? McConnell told reporters. ?What is the conclusion we should reach when looking at the bills that have been produced that are bipartisan only in their opposition??


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