Monday, July 06 2009

Take Action: Ask Senators to Exclude Abortion Mandates from Health Care Reform Bill!

A breach in the new Health Care Reform Bill the Democrats are pushing through Congress goes beyond the radical Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA).

The absence of specific language on abortion in the Health Care Reform Bill will, in effect:

1) Compel taxpayers to finance abortions

2) Coerce private insurance plans to pay for abortions

3) Force communities to set up abortion facilities everywhere in the name of ?ACCESS?


Abortion is NOT HEALTH CARE.

The House and Senate are hoping to pass the legislation before the August recess. President Obama has promised to sign a Health Care Reform Bill before the end of 2009.

The fact is, if language is not written into the congressional bill to forbid a federal mandate for abortions and their access, it will be law. Please help us stop this breach in the Health Care Reform Bill by calling Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Tom Harkin.

Call and say: Hi, my name is…….”Please ask Senator…… to do all he can to make sure abortion mandates are excluded from the Health Care Reform bill.”

Senator Chuck Grassley: 202.224.3744 or?Email Senator Charles Grassley

Senator Tom Harkin: 202.224.3254 or Email Senator Tom Harkin

Ask the person who takes the call in the senator?s office to take your name and address. If they don?t have that information, you haven?t been heard.


For More Information:

Kim Lehman

C 515.202.2517

[email protected]


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National Right to Life is tracking the Health Care Reform Bill. Read more about it at: NRLC Website