Friday, April 17 2009

Take Action: Support the Alons House Amendment 1504 in HF 811 to Prevent Abortion Groups from Receiving an Additional Million in Medicaid!

The Democrats are trying to increase the HHS Medicaid Family Planning by 5% in the budget, which is a million dollar increase and the primary income for Planned Parenthood.

Iowa is already one of the largest recipients of the Medicaid Family Planning per capita in the U.S., receiving over 21 million dollars while we make up only 1% of the total population.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa is making a laughable claim that they are under-funded. Hardly. They have money to burn. In 2007, they received $5,265,085 in Medicaid alone, according to DAS. With state and federal support, Planned Parenthood has been able to hire 20 new government affairs staff, 28 employees to go door-to-door canvassing neighborhoods and dramatically increase the salary to their director, Jill June to $167,308 (2007), from $117,653 in 2004, plus benefits, which is a 42% increase over a 3 year period. All under the so-called non-profit status. (See 2004 and 2007 PPGI 990 Reports.)

Government funding has grossly expanded their business, their bank account and their top employees? paychecks.

It?s wrong to expand the HHS Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood, the number one abortion processing center in Iowa.

Stop the expansion of the controversial abortion industry with our Medicaid. Abortion grows when we fund the abortion industry.


Support the Alons Amendment 1504 in HF 811 to stop the million dollar increase of our Medicaid funds.


Contact your house representative: Urge them to support the Alons Amendment 1504 in House File 811.

Call the State House: 515.281.3221

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