?Iowa RTL News-September 2010

– The Battle Against Webcam Abortions
– Iowa Board of Medicine Gives Pro-Lifers 10 Minute Hearing
– Planned Parenthood Cashing in on New HHS Grants?? 19
– Book It: Iowa Right to Life Book Sale Sept. 14-18
– IRTL Shirts Big Hit on RAGBRAI
– More Dangerous Abortions Tested on Women
– Former Hawkeye Star Bobby Hansen a Stork Dork?
– Recognize Complications from a Medication Abortion
– Rep. Steve King Letter to the Iowa Board of Medicine
– Medication Abortion: How it Works
– How Planned Parenthood Violates FDA Protocol
– Medication Abortions Demystified: Angie Jackson Tweets
– IRTL to Launch New College Campaign
– Ways to Make a Difference for Life on Your Campus
– Iowa Parents are Invited to Sit in on Their School’s Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Classes
– Now’s the Time to Get Involved in the Pro-Life Movement