Iowa RTL News-Jan 2010

– Fr. Tad to Speak at DM Capitol? Father Tad Pacholczyk
– Shocking Truth About the Birth Dearth
– Mikulski Amendment: Abortion is Preventative Health Care
– Abort Abortion: Iowa Priest Raises Funds for Life
– Get Ready to Caucus: Saturday, January 23, 1:00pm
– Contestents Wanted for 2010 IRTL Oratory Contest
– Pro-Life Friends Remembered in IRTL Memorials
– Taking Back the Culture: Responses to “Are You Done Yet?”
– Roe vs. Wade: Thirty Seven Years of Life ABORTED
– Prayer for Life Day 2010
– Important Dates to Remember on the Iowa RTL Calendar
– DM Rotary Rejects Planned Parenthood Money Honey