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Saturday, November 22, 2014 will be a statewide Adoption Conference at Walnut Creek Church, Windsor Heights Campus, in Des Moines, IA. Doors will open at 12:00 pm with informational booths and representatives from many adoption, organizations, pro-life organizations and ministries to offer information. The afternoon sessions will include educational workshops presented by Bethany Christian Services of Des Moines and Orange City, along with ministry leaders from local churches and organizations. There will be opening and closing sessions with special guests and testimonies from adoptive families and individuals. The afternoon will conclude with worship and words of hope and inspiration from Kristle Davis and Carl Christiansen of Beauty Amidst The Ashes. Join us as we celebrate adoption and give thanks for the work that God is doing across the state.

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Seminars at the Conference

Adoption 101 ?
Leah Garland, LMSW
Bethany Christian Services of Des Moines
Learn about adoption basics, the process, legalities, today?s culture of adoption, and the various ways to build a family.

Understanding Transracial Adoption –
Marlene Hibma, LISW and Ben Dino, BA
Bethany Christian Services of Des Moines
Participants will learn about the dynamics of becoming a multicultural family created through adoption. Topics discussed will include separation and loss and the effects on the child?s development, transition issues, and race and culture. Information presented will assist participants in encouraging their children to grow up self-assured and culturally-competent

Talking About Adoption with Your Children ?
Marlene Hibma, LISW
Bethany Christian Services of Des Moines
Description: Discover how to talk with your child about adoption, identity formation, developmental stages, and the benefits of using positive adoption language.

Life After Adoption ?
Julie VanOtterloo, LMSW
Bethany Christian Services of Orange City
Description: Participants will learn about the needs of adopted children, and how grief and loss impact the child, the adoptive parents, and the birthparents. Relationships with birth family will be discussed, as well as openness in adoption.

Post Adoption Services & Support ?
Julie VanOtterloo, LMSW
Bethany Christian Services of Orange City
Description: Participants will learn about what secure attachment looks like, how to build positive connections with children, and the impact attachment history can have on a child?s behavior. Resources, services, and support for adoptive families will be discussed.

Engaging Your Church in Adoption –
Michael Easton and Tim McCullough
Cornerstone Church of Ames, Iowa
Cornerstone Church of Ames over the past 7 years has been active in helping their people to adopt domestically and internationally as well as lead the way in foster care. Cornerstone families have adopted 52 children. 30 families are licensed foster parents and make up the majority of foster parents in Story County. Hear from Cornerstone Deacons Jason Lee and Tim McCullough how Cornerstone has encouraged adoption and foster care, tips to engage your church, and ways to support adoptive and foster care families.

Foster Care Roundtable-
Kristle Davis
Beauty Amidst The Ashes
With so much misinformation and stigma surrounding the Foster Care system in the United States today, families often look into other forms of orphan care. The foster care roundtable will be a unique informational discussion and will provide participants with a clearer image of what fostering domestically looks like. Participants will also get an opportunity to ask their own questions and get them answered by those currently engaged in the system.

Formal CEU’s available for Social Workers


Bethany Christian Services?
Iowa Right To Life?
Cornerstone For Life?
Cherish Center?
Gabriel’s Corner

There are so many reasons why you should attend HOPE Adoption Conference 2014. For families who have experienced adoption, this event celebrates your family. If you are longing to build your family through the beauty of adoption, come learn more and connect with people who understand your journey. Even adoptive grandparents and other extended family members will find support and education that can help strengthen their families. Finally, if you love children and want to learn how you can engage in helping others build families through adoption, come and participate in this conference. The HOPE Adoption Conference is for anyone who cares about helping to meet the needs of children who need families. Whether you have adopted, hope to adopt or want to learn how you can engage in caring for the needs of children, this conference is for you!

Carl Christiansen
Founder of Beauty Amidst The Ashes