Tuesday, February 21 2012

Please email members of the Iowa House Human Resources Committee TODAY and TOMORROW. Ask them to support Rep. Walt Rogers bill, House File 2033. This pro-life bill requires that a physician perform an ultrasound prior to an abortion. The physician would also be required to offer the woman an opportunity to view the ultrasound, among other provisions.

This is an important bill because Planned Parenthood of Heartland (PPH) is working very hard to defeat it. According to a recent email from PPH this bill is “demeaning, badgering and manipulative.”

If defeating this bill means so much to PPH-it matters even more to us to support this bill. We know that women often change their mind and choose life after viewing their child on an ultrasound image.

Please email the Committee Members:

Linda Miller: [email protected]

Joel Fry: [email protected]

Richard Anderson: [email protected]

Mark Brandenburg: [email protected]

Julian Garrett: [email protected]

Chris Hagenow: [email protected]

Dave Heaton: [email protected]

Jeff Kaufmann: [email protected]

Glen Massie: [email protected]

Walt Rogers: [email protected]

Kim Pearson: [email protected]

Renee Schulte: [email protected]

Beth Wessel-Kroeschell: [email protected]

Ako Abdul-Samad: [email protected]

Bruce Hunter: [email protected]

Mary Mascher: [email protected]

Janet Petersen: [email protected]

Mark Smith: [email protected]

Sharon Steckman: [email protected]

Cindy Winckler: [email protected]

Mary Lynn Wolfe: [email protected]


If you prefer to call these representatives, please call the House Switchboard at 515.281.3221.


For More Information:

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